Our concept and model are based on a very innovative vision that attempts to define the interactions between Biology, Body Mechanics and Neurology. Our consultants, researchers, clinicians, biomechanics, designers have combined their skills to « Adapt work to the people

THE concept


Cogitobio has been acknowledged as a research company and our programs are, since its beginning, been established with the EIF (European Investment Fund). We rely on studies with experiments/tests in our laboratory. These research programs have allowed us to set up models of the human body. Our goal has been to democratise and simplify laboratory tools and methods to carry out in situ analysis. Cogitobio also helps companies in their research, development, and innovation projects

THE concept


Cogitobio has created its own measurement tools. With all our research programs we have defined a database adapted to ergonomics assessment and comfort. We have developed devices to quantify kinematics or postures with Inertial Motion Units. We have designed tools to measure pressures at the interface between human and objects and use numerical models for the study of accessibility including PMR and postures.

OUR concept


Our method is user-centered, based on the biomechanical analysis of the posture and motion during the tasks. It helps to identify potential injuries and minimise risks. Our goal is to optimise the interaction between people and their environment, reduce fatigue, maximise efficiency, and eliminate musculoskeletal disorders. This method allows us to validate tools  for quantifying  discomfort

SINCE 1996

Outils développés en interne (spinomètre pour analyse de la déformation du rachis, tracking pour analyse de cinématique in situ, semelles connectées pour analyse pression podale) Prototypage circuit intégrés. Tools developed in-house (spinometer for spine deformation analysis, tracking for in situ kinematics analysis, connected insoles for foot pressure analysis) Integrated circuit prototyping